No Bubble in Sight

We contine to see great appreciation the last few years. I get asked more and more by investors and buyers alike "when is the bubble going to burst". There are a lot of factors that have got us here organically unlike 2008. The economy is strong and in Utah in particular we have a good ammount of future huge projects (airport/prison/pssibleOlympics) that will continue to keep our economy strong and the housing market going up. Now is a great time to buy as the interest rates are low and projections are that houseing will just go up from here.

Sellers ae in a good position also, buyers buying power is a high so we are seeing more and more qualified buyers. Most people feel like they are buying high but that is negated in most situations by selling high. Because of the massive appeciation over the last 4 years people are able to reduce debt and still put 20% down on a home to avoid Mortgage Insurance.

Looking to buy or sell? Reach out to me today!

Dave Raulston

Prime Residential


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